Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gonna try this again...

We're in the middle of the craziness of dance season and we're throwing in football class for one and tball for another (who was crushed that she couldn't play softball this year- cooler uniforms and all), so we'll see how this goes...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm ba-ack!!!

So, I was realizing that I totally stink at keeping in touch, showing pictures and all that jazz. Therefore, I'm going to try really hard to start keeping up with this again after a nearly two year hiatus. Thus I give you...TEN ON TUESDAY.

1. I'd like to change the header on this blog but I can't remember how, so be patient with the really old picture. :)

2. Some new ones:

3. Ethan has a loose tooth and I cannot believe it. I think this has bothered me more than any other "growing up" sign I've seen with the Twinks.

4. We're separating rooms for the kids' birthday. Ethan's will have a WVU theme (can you see my heart swelling with pride?), and Emma's will have a peace theme. Apparently I'm raising a 5 year old hippie.

5. Speaking of birthdays, I have no clue what we're doing this year. Might be a game time decision.

6. Emma cracks me up sometimes with her one-liners. She was working on a particularly tricky dance move in class last night, and says to her teacher, "Ms. Gina, I've got that move but I'm just having trouble controlling my foot." Her teacher said she nearly peed her pants.

7. Ethan played basketball this winter and improved so much. He's constantly playing "games" in our house as a Mountaineer, and routinely beats Marshall by 100. He says he's gonna play for Huggs someday. Heart swelling again.

8. I'm ready for kindergarten to be over. Frustration is the nicest word I can use and that's all I'll say, just in case I become some world famous blogger before June.

9. Tball starts soon and Slacker Mom here missed the signups for one league, so we are going with the other league this year. Fingers crossed...

10. I can smell spring in the air, it needs to get here soon!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's my first 10 in a while...

1. Thank God for my MP3 player. I know you really shouldn't thank God for electronics, but seriously, it has kept me from killing people. It's a Sony Walkman MP3 and it's FAB for those of you not on the Apple wagon. I didn't want to deal with Itunes due to the price (and I could get this MP3 with better sound and the same Gs for way less than a comparable Ipod).

2. Speaking of price, the BEST place to get non-Itune music is It's fab, 10 cents per song! And, if you deposit certain amounts, they GIVE you certain amounts FREE. I've been using it for like 2 years, and never had a problem, and I have never put more than my original $25 in. I've downloaded like 300 songs probably (I don't put zillions of songs on my MP3- I think there are about 400 or so).

3. Speaking of music, I'm embarassed to admit that I like the Miley Cyrus song The Climb.

4. Less than 2 months til vacation! So the serious diet starts TODAY. I'm even turning down Mexican at lunch. Whew, it's going to be a long 2 months.

5. I have about 5 zillion pictures I want to post but I'm too lazy in the evenings. I will start getting to it, I'm vowing. Since I won't be eating all evening I should have more time. :)

6. I am addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook. It's nearly a sickness. Join my mafia if you haven't already!

7. Yesterday was mine and Twin Daddy's 7 year anniversary. We nearly forgot. Aren't we romantic? But we did go out to eat to a new little Italian place that was fabulous. I had truffle pie for dessert and it was to DIE for.

8. I do not think I could live without Diet Mountain Dew.

9. I am very random today, I feel like the kids in school, when summer is upon you and you just can't focus. Unfortunately I don't get a 3 month summer vacation.

10. Our offices are moving back to their original spot on Monday. I am not looking forward to it (the moving part), and I hear there is some disappointment with the new digs. I guess we'll see, but seriously, it couldn't have been worse than the 1983 mismatched decor we had going on before.

Monday, May 25, 2009



Birthday pictures

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ode to my, big kids

4 years and a little over 12 hours ago, you both made your debut, less than a minute apart. You were 5 weeks early and fighting to arrive. But you were big and strong and perfect, even the neonatologist and nurses were surprised.

To my Emma:

We still laugh about how just hours after your birth, you were already a princess, running your tiny hands through your dark brown hair. I personally think you were willing it to grow long, because you have a love of long hair. I guess it's more princess like, right? You were loud and PISSED when you came out, probably from being squished by your bigger brother for so long. You looked like you wanted to leap off the table and go do your own thing. I still see that from you- no one can ever make you do something, and your sweet, giving, loving nature belies that fiery passion and stubbornness born inside you. The last thing anyone on the planet would want to do is mistake your passive nature for you being a pushover, because a pushover you certainly are not. Your creativity constantly amazes me. You can play for hours with your Barbies or your Pollys or your dress up clothes, making up your own stories as you go. You love to do crafts, paint, and draw, and singing, oh the singing. You have no fear when it comes to singing, and can get up in front of a church of 100 people or in a pageant with 200-300 strangers and it doesn't bother you. Stage fright is something you've never heard of or felt. You love Taylor Swift songs, church songs and Ariel. Speaking of Ariel, you want to be a mermaid when you grow up. You are a giggle box and a dawdler and a pure little girl. You love dresses and makeup and nail polish and hairbows and pink and purple. You may have the most pure soul I've ever known and I pray I can protect that. I hope you're always the loving, giving, sharing little girl you are now.

To my Ethan:
You came into the world chilled out, just the opposite of your sister. However, you let us know quickly that chilling out was not the norm. You are competitive, and passionate in everything, from getting to the top of the steps to being listened to in the car. You have a mischievous twinkle in your eye and can crack me up with your silly jokes. You have a redneck streak a mile wide, and love Monster Trucks and Nascar. You don't just love them, you endeavor to learn EVERYTHING about them, from all of the drivers to who the sponsors are, or as you say "where they live." You can drive your cars and trains for hours on end, but don't ask you to share! You absolutely love to learn, and I know you'll do well in school. You want to know how everything is spelled, and love to do math so much that you have actually threatened me with, "Fine, I'm gonna go do my math book!" when you're mad at me. You're a pure boy, rough and tough, but at the end of the day you're always good for a nuggle and you get infuriated and upset if you don't get to wave at me as I leave for work or give me a kiss before bed. You do things your own way, including choosing when to be born. You swear you're going to be a racecar driver, or a fire fighter, or a monster truck driver...or whatever comes to your mind that day. I'm sure whatever you decide you'll be great.

To both of you:

You make me laugh, you amaze me, you allow me to have big dreams for both of you. I hope I can nurture your strengths and your bonds. I love that you make up your own games and that you love each other so much. Thank you God for giving me these babies and please guide me in their future.
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