Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm ba-ack!!!

So, I was realizing that I totally stink at keeping in touch, showing pictures and all that jazz. Therefore, I'm going to try really hard to start keeping up with this again after a nearly two year hiatus. Thus I give you...TEN ON TUESDAY.

1. I'd like to change the header on this blog but I can't remember how, so be patient with the really old picture. :)

2. Some new ones:

3. Ethan has a loose tooth and I cannot believe it. I think this has bothered me more than any other "growing up" sign I've seen with the Twinks.

4. We're separating rooms for the kids' birthday. Ethan's will have a WVU theme (can you see my heart swelling with pride?), and Emma's will have a peace theme. Apparently I'm raising a 5 year old hippie.

5. Speaking of birthdays, I have no clue what we're doing this year. Might be a game time decision.

6. Emma cracks me up sometimes with her one-liners. She was working on a particularly tricky dance move in class last night, and says to her teacher, "Ms. Gina, I've got that move but I'm just having trouble controlling my foot." Her teacher said she nearly peed her pants.

7. Ethan played basketball this winter and improved so much. He's constantly playing "games" in our house as a Mountaineer, and routinely beats Marshall by 100. He says he's gonna play for Huggs someday. Heart swelling again.

8. I'm ready for kindergarten to be over. Frustration is the nicest word I can use and that's all I'll say, just in case I become some world famous blogger before June.

9. Tball starts soon and Slacker Mom here missed the signups for one league, so we are going with the other league this year. Fingers crossed...

10. I can smell spring in the air, it needs to get here soon!
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