Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creativity...mine and the kids...

Quick post...The Office is on, can't miss the hilarity.

My kids love anything bath related. This is probably why the bathtub in the hall bath looks like a dump for Toys R Us. This is the result of them being left in the bathtub alone. Bath for all but the mommy cleaning it off the walls...

And here is my handiwork for a work baby shower. My work friend is doing her baby's room in an adorable Baby Sesame theme, so I made these. The kids were super excited, as were the adults. Unfortunately they may never be made again, as there was a slight altercation between my decorating tip I used and the garbage disposal. The disposal won.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Lala!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Post

Random Super Bowl Sunday thoughts:

-I am bummed I missed a party at my old boss's house because I didn't check my email til now. It was a last minute thing but it would've been fun I'm sure.

-It's probably a good thing, since my husband is a Browns fan, and would NOT be cheering for the Steelers like everyone else in WV

-Are the Steelers going to become like the Patriots, where people don't even know who plays for the team but they rock all the gear like they're a true fan? I hate bandwagon fans. It seemed from my trip to Kroger's today that there are an amazing amount of Steelers fans around all the sudden.

-Big Ben just got sacked and it makes me giggle a bit. I'm not a Cards fan or anything but I decided I want them to win because they have a former WVU player on the scout squad.

-Yes, I do make most of my decisions based on WVU.

-Speaking of, I want to like Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinal's receiver, because he seems like a talented, smart, humble guy...but he went to Pitt. I cannot forgive such a lapse in judgment, no matter how great of a guy he is.

-I think I might have a crush on Bob Huggins. I think it's the constant sneer. Or that he oozes power, or that he's going to take us to the Big Dance again. Not sure.

-Is it weird I'm so into sports? I don't think so, but my sister's boyfriend gets a bit freaked about it. I quote him (from one year during March Madness): "You two are GIRLS. You're not supposed to know that much about sports."

-I got a new laptop since we'd spent $150 in cords for the old one. It was getting cheaper to just get a new one but I have no pics on this one, except this one I just downloaded from my account.

-This is how Emma got out of bed one day last month. She has a tendency to do weird things at night, like go over and sit by the nightlight to "read," put on bandaids, change her pillowcase, and change clothes. She went to bed in normal PJs, and got up with WVU windpants, a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt on backwards (that's the hood of it by her chin), and a tutu on. Don't ask, I have no idea.
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