Sunday, March 29, 2009

New camera

So my old camera died at of course an inopportune moment, so I have been on the search for a new one. Being camera clueless and cheap, I researched all over, and called some people with a clue (Kim of course!). I finally decided on a Canon Powershot, an SX110 IS. I spent a bit more than I wanted to, but I think I'm going to like it. It has a nice zoom on it, and if I learn how to use it, I can actually manually adjust it rather than just use it as a point and shoot. Kim is sending me a cheater email on how to learn the basics.

But, until then, here are a couple. I like it so far, I think the shots are pretty crisp. (Kim, avert your eyes, I used the dreaded flash and the portrait setting...I promise I'm going to try to learn ISO and f stop and all that...soon...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm doing a new kind of 10 today, because, well, I can, and I've been a bad blogger lately...


1. My stinking camera crapped out on me. Argh. So I need a new decent and cheap camera. Suggestions?

2. I love that the weather is warmer but seriously, 30 degree mornings are killing me.

3. I don't think I'm going to find the person who hit my car last week and then drove off without leaving a note. The people who are supposed to be checking parking lot video haven't been returning my calls anymore. That does not bode well. What are the chances they got a video of the car's plate anyway?

4. I am secure in the knowledge that their car HAD to be damaged more than mine, since I drive a giant tank and it has a big ole dent. I hope their bumper falls off.


5. God has cursed me with a child who dawdles more than my mother, which I thought was impossible. I am not a patient person and am always in a hurry. I think she was sent to slow me down, because that child does NOTHING fast.

6. Emma's favorite "annoy your brother" pasttimes are bear hugs and hand holding. Now that's passive agressive if I've ever seen it.

7. Emma won a trophy this weekend and she now thinks the "gold angel" on top is the greatest thing ever. I had to pry it from her hands for church this week.


8. Ethan is obsessed with the new Hot Wheels color change cars. They change in hot or cold water, and he has a nightly ritual of a bucket of ice water on the side of the bath to change them.

9. Both kids are obsessed with the ridiculous Fox show HOle in the Wall (sundays at 7 generally). They always pretend to play it and "win" $5000. I have no idea why 5000 but that's what they win. Ethan says if he really won that much he'd buy ALL of the color change cars.

10. Ethan was particularly impressed by Emma's naming of some of the Thomas trains the other day. His response to her? "Emma, you're so pretty. You're so special..." It was a miracle.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greatest country song evah!

Ok, this isn't actually a video, it's just some pictures but this could be the greatest song chorus EVAH...

God is great, beer is good...AND PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

10...a day late

1. I have been dealing with getting the kids into Pre-k for a couple of weeks and it looks like there is no end in sight. However, I think I know our game plan...there is a supposedly excellent Pre-K that is private but is part of the Putnam County School System. Fingers crossed that we can get in! I can't believe what a process this is turning out to be.

2. I cannot believe that my kids will be in kindergarten in a year and a half. That does not seem possible.

3. I've never been affected by my kids getting older but since the big 0-4 is around the corner (May) I feel like they're getting so OLD now.

4. Alot is not a word. Just for the record. Big pet peeve of mine. That, and misuse of apostrophes.

5. I am yet again embarrassed to be from WV since an idiot state legislator wants to ban Barbies in the state. Like that's the biggest problem WV faces. Puh-lease.

6. I hate American Idol. It keeps displacing my two favorite shows, Bones and House.

7. It totally annoys me when people won't respond to repeated emails, yet you see their MySpace or Facebook and they've clearly been goofing around on there for hours on end.

8. My kids find underwear on their head to be endlessly amusing. I do not. Especially during dinner.

9. I agree with Neurotic Attorney about the bathroom.

10. The infamous Lovey Bear was almost lost forever this week. It was a crisis in the making but the good folks at Teays Pediatrics came through for us. Love them!
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