Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Better late than never...

I know ya'll have been on the edge of your seats in anticipation of a new post. I'm sorry, I've been really REALLY slacking but life has been kicking my butt lately. I don't have a good excuse really, but I have been sick off and on and it seems the kids have had endless appointments, dentist, eyes, one sickness. So, a quick update and some random pictures.

First, Emma's eye surgery went pretty well, although it was way harder on her as compared to the last time. She had a TON more swelling, you can see some in the Christmas pic below. Right now we are not wearing glasses, but her left eye may have been slightly "over corrected." Hey, I love her doc but if she has to have another surgery I'm invoking buy 2, get one free.

I spent a nice long time at home over Christmas due to my rockin state employment schedule. I didn't go crazy even once! It was nice. The kids behaved pretty well and kept me entertained. Slightly funny story: I was trying to wet down Ethan's hair, which he HATES, and he was trying to watch some TV show. I kept telling him to look at me, not the TV, when he said, "But I have two eyes!!" I guess one was looking at me and one at Wow Wow Wubzy. I swear, the stuff they think of.

On to the pics, this is Emma in just a cute outfit her Mawmaw got her. The dress under the coat is also pink and gray plaid. Love it!

Ethan looking even more like a 3 year old lawyer...

Another of the cute outfit. Look how straight her eyes are!

Us at the bowl game (go Eers!). They were so well behaved at the game. Emma kept yelling out "Go Mountaineers! Go Pat White!" My heart swelled with pride. And it entertained everyone around us. At the end of the game, as everyone was leaving down the ramps (we were in the nosebleeds, thanks WVU Ticket office) she stuck a pompom in her pants and was shaking her bootie. People were endlessly amused by that and several took her picture because she was so cute. So if you see my kid on a kiddie porn site please let me know.

Christmas day at Nanny's. Emma's poor knee socks just don't stay up. They look a lot cuter when they're at her knees rather than bagged at her ankles. I force them on her just like my mother forced me into knee socks, which I hated. Maybe she slouches them down on purpose to spite me.

I promise to try to keep up better in the future!
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