Monday, July 21, 2008

Blast from the Past

So, I was searching through some old emails and came upon these pics. These are from my college's homecoming in 2005, at our sorority tea.

My little legacy and her brother (can you see how thrilled they were?)

Two little legacies, Hailey and Emma. Yep, that's Hailey from Desperate Housemommy.
Hailey, Emma and Ethan. Clearly Hailey and Ethan were DONE with the pictures by this point, but Emma was just chillin. Funny enough, Ethan still makes this face when he's upset. Have a great Monday, and I'll try to put some pics up of 4th of July, car washing and horse riding soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Tuesday again!

Here we go:

1. I'm shocked and somewhat appalled that the Court system doesn't give any paid maternity leave. Not that I'm ever going to use it, but really, that's pretty 1946, don't you think?

2. I have a tiny little cut on my thumb and I can't figure out where it came from, yet I keep staring at it. Weird, huh?

3. We have $200 in our change jar (not all of it is change) and I really need to cash it in, at least the part that's rolled. That's good for people who barely use cash anywhere!

4. I'm embarassed that my feet look so narsty today so I actually wore ballet flats instead of sandals.

5. Emma wrote her name all by herself several times lately, and then last night wanted to write my name. I told her each letter and she wrote it out really well! I'm so proud of her, that's pretty good for just turning 3, isn't it?

6. Ethan is actually good at writing too but he's been anti writing since this weekend. When I asked him to write his name on the same piece of construction paper he refused, but then went and got a sticker with his name on it and put it on the paper. Creative I guess, right?

7. We put a new blind on the kids' room, and now it's really dark, so they've taken to sitting in their beds with flashlights "reading" a book. Hey, as long as they're 1. quiet, 2. in their beds and 3. not making a mess, who cares?

8. Why would Angelina name her kid "Knox?" Especially giving the girl a beautiful name like Vivienne. I guess it's better than Apple, Coco, or Pilot Inspektor.

9. I hope hope hope that we have a rain free weekend, for once. I'm so tired of beautiful days during the week and then rain! Argh!

10. Why do businesses feel it's necessary to keep it 47 degrees inside on hot summer days?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Carmavore Time!

So, the local volunteer fire department throws a big carnival (or carmavore in twinkie land) every year, so we hit it up this year. It was pretty nice, complete with about 6 different kiddie rides, a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and some other adult rides that we didn't frequent, along with greasy carnie food. All in all a good time, even if it was about 345 degrees.

Ethan and Chris (Auntie Lala's BF) lookin for someone to bump.

Emma and daddy crashing into Ethan and Chris.
Ethan cheesing from the whale.
Emma driving the rocket ship
Poor little boy waiting for a broken down ride. We never got to ride it, either. It was a kiddie "coaster" that looked like a giant alligator.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 more on Tuesday

1. I'm so thrilled to be going to the beach over Labor Day (and the following week!)

2. I've never really "budgeted" down to the penny for vacation before and it sucks. But I'm going so I'm cool with it.

3. I've already started packing lists. I'm a list maker, what can I say? It saved me when my stuff was stuck in NYC on 9-11 and I was stuck in New Jersey, cause I could make a specific claim to the Marriott (and they fulfilled it even though it was considered an "act of war" which is excluded).

4. I have been unmotivated to do ANYTHING as of late.

5. I really REALLY want to lose 10 pounds before the beach. But see #4 for how the exercise is going.

6. I totally screwed up my kids this last long weekend by messing big time with their schedules.

7. The sound of the kids singing on our CD player right now is driving me nuts, cause they really can't sing. But some of the songs are good, and hey, it was 120 Bible Songs for Kids for 5.99.

8. Walmart rocks, even though I may disagree with some of their policies. You know, allegedly they run Mom and Pop stores out, but seriously, I worked in a small grocery store and I didn't even have the opportunity to get health insurance and I made minimum wage at first. You get better than that at Walmart, and hey, no one is making you work there.

9. I find it ironic that a lot of people so opposed to Walmart still shop there. And some of the bad press they get is just wrong (like about the woman who they filed a subrogation claim against for her health insurance benefits- hello, I was a litigator- ALL companies, including the state and federal governments, file subro claims against lawsuit proceeds- they pay out millions in health care and then you get a windfall, while your bills are also paid???)

10. I'm rambling a lot tonight. Guess it's off to bath time.

I have a few pics I'll try to post later, we went to a carnival (or carmavore as the kids call it) a couple weekends ago and I have some shots from that. Since it's becoming romper room in here though, I better sign off before I end up in the ER.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 on Tuesday, and some more pics

So, I was gonna put the pics at the bottom but I'd have to retype my whole post, cause I can't seem to move them. Anyone know how to do that on Blogger?? Well, here they are and my 10 on Tuesday follows.

Here are my 10 on Tuesday:

1. What EXACTLY did the person mean who called me Superwoman the other day? Was that sarcasm or what? Hm.

2. I am getting a gray streak in my hair, precisely where my hair would bleach into a blonde streak every summer and people always thought I colored it that way. I think I enjoyed the blonde streak more.

3. My last Zumba class was last night and I'm sad, because I can't find any other ones in the evenings. Why do all workout classes go on during the day?

4. Technically I think a new class is starting where I take mine but the new instructor is obnoxious, since she was one of the ladies in my class. To beat it all, she doesn't even do some of the moves right. I think I'll just spend money on the DVDs instead of dealing with Obnoxious Middle Aged Blonde.

5. I kinda pretty much look like crap today, but I'm ok with that. Gray streak and all.

6. The last time I waxed my eyebrows really took because it's taking them forever to grow back, which is awesome since I resemble Chewbacca on the hairiness factor.

7. Poor Emma has inherited the hairiness. I feel bad for that.

8. People tell me all the time that Emma looks like me and I just don't see it that much other than brown hair and brown eyes. I think she's way cuter than I've ever been.

9. Sometimes I think my son is an 86 year old man trapped in a 3 year old's body.

10. I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble since as I pulled out of the subdivision I saw a head pop into our front window and it was too late to roll down the window and wave.

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