Tuesday, December 9, 2008


1. Where are all of my weekends going? I know that the craziness is coming starting about mid November and yet every Monday, I go, geez, I got nothing done.

2. I am such a freakin klutz, I fell down my friend Emily's stairs for no apparent reason, but didn't get really hurt. However, my shoulders are incredibly sore now, which adds insult to slight injury. Not fun when you type all day.

3. ON a happy note, I found out that Pyrex does not break when it falls down the stairs with you.

4. Is it just me, or are everyone's kids horribly behaved right now? Don't they know Santa is watching?

5. Any ideas for getting my kids (ok, mostly Emma) to pick up their toys? Nothing seems to work. I gathered up an entire laundry basket full of toys that were on the floor of the laundry room and play room and took them away this evening. We'll see if that has any effect.

6. My shopping is 95% done and I just have to wrap, which I used to love to do. I always had nice ribbons and bows and curlies. This year if you get it taped closed you're lucky.

7. The remaining 5% is due to no fault of ours. Ethan wants a particular train table which we ordered last week for a good price. Well, this Monday we get an email that Step 2 didn't manufacture enough of them and our order may not be filled. So 4058 frantic internet searches later, I think I found one at Home Depot. We'll see if the order is filled. Everyone else has them out of stock, so the elves may delay the gift til after Christmas.

8. The change in price from our good deal to our not so good deal leaves me with more money I now have to spend on Emma. It's spiraling out of control.

9. I, like Neurotic Attorney, am not looking forward to the office move. Complete cluster.

10. "Where are you Christmas?" is my theme song for now. I'm waiting for the spirit to come to me. It always does, it just seems like it's taking a while this year.

OMG, I almost forgot my excitement for the week!!

Special #11! I'm going to the Bowl Game!!! Whoo whoo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've slacked long enough

Ok, I'm having BLogger issues again. I only have three of the Christmas pics for you so far but here they are, along with my 10 on Tuesday.

1. How come other people can put up like 10 pics and I'm limited to 5?? Weird. Someone help me out.

2. I love the overhead pic but I think it's being overused. Oh well.

3. How is it possibly December already? It kind of makes me sad that it's only 23 days til Christmas.

4. I am having such issues finding Christmas sweaters for the kids. How can that be hard? I have resorted to Ebay now though of course, since every other store in the Tri State area has let me down.

5. My son LOVES Tom and Jerry and now has to watch it every.single.night. after his bath. It's not nearly as hilarious when you're 30 as it is when you're 3.

6. Do you think I can wish the ornaments onto my empty tree?

7. I totally feel like Faith Hill.."Where are you Christmas, why can't I find you?" I'm having trouble catching the spirit this year.

8. My daughter's whining is becoming like nails on a chalk board. I need a cure for the whinies. And the hitting your brother/sister for no good reason. And the failure to pick up toys. And the talking back.

9. I made peanut butter balls last night and they're good! I am a regular Suzie Homemaker.

10. Is it sad that the most exciting part of my Tuesday is that House is on tonight and it's a new episode?
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