Friday, August 31, 2007

Finally...some beach pictures

Ok, finally some beach pictures. I’ll start with pictures just on the beach. I only took about 50 pictures because our trip was, let’s say, interesting. Sickness does NOT make for a fabulous vacation, but we made the best of it. I’ll post some of the more telling pictures later.

Here are the kids on the beach. We actually all made it out a couple of days. Some days we stuck by the pools and lazy rivers.

Here's our beach set up. Guess who got to carry 90% of the junk you see? I'm so buying one of those beach carts next year.
Ethan and the "lellow ba-hoe" (yellow backhoe) and the yellow shovel. If you have a playdate with this child, please do not bring a yellow toy. He is under the distinct impression that all things yellow in this world belong to him. And orange, too, considering his newfound love of Tony Stewart. My child is officially a redneck.
I think this is the only picture of one of them actually looking at me and saying "cheese."
Ok, I'm no photographer. We all know that. But this was my ONE artsy picture and I love it love it love it, so please don't tell me all the things that photographically are wrong with it. I think it's adorable. BTW, it's mine and Emma's left piggies. Yes, we have the same toenail polish on. And yes we have the exact same feet.
Ok, on a final note, I'm thinking of investing in a cheapo photo editing program. Any suggestions? I know NOTHING about them and really only want to use them to make the colors nicer (and maybe make myself a banner!). Something simple and easy and cheap.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm ba-ack...and I brought videos

Quick update- I think we’re all over our illness, finally, although I still have a nice tuberculosis level cough at night. We are heavy into potty training, and to my great surprise, Ethan is flying through this. Emma is not comfortable on the potty, I think partially because the child has no butt and feels like she’s falling through the little potty seat. I hate to break it to her but the Nease Ghetto Booty grows in at about age 15, so she’s not out of the woods yet. I’ll blog more on tales from the potty later.
So, I think I figured out this video stuff. I tried to just upload to Blogger but again, it hates me so I had to go the YouTube route. This is each of the kids with one of their new favorite after bath pasttimes, jumping on Mom and Dad’s bed. I have no clue where they got the "Mountain Dew!" yell from. Granted, I drink Mt. Dew (well, diet now that I’m a chubbo) but I have NEVER given them any of that caffeine infused, lemon limey goodness. They have more than enough energy without it. I guess maybe it was on a commercial or something because about 3 days ago they started yelling "Mountain Dew!" and jumping on the bed. Odd. Then Ethan informed me last night, "Mommy, we Mountain Dews! Ethan Emma Mountain Dews!" All righty then...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mommies don't get sick days...

Ok, sorry so slow on the posting but I officially have whatever it was that my kids have. I feel like smashed poo, only worse. I'm hoping it's on the upswing but til it's gone, no pics. Sorry.

As all you mommies out there know, if Mom is sick, too bad so sad. The world does not stop moving. Thank goodness for my MIL who was at the house last night and gave the kids a bath while I lay on the couch contemplating taking the drill to my face to relieve some of the pressure and wondering exactly how hard and how much you have to cough to literally cough up a lung. Sigh. I'm getting old; just can't handle the sicknesses anymore.

So hopefully I'll have some pics and vacation stories up by the end of the week unless the vast amounts of snot completely take over my brain.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Officially at the beach!

Ok, we're officially here. Well, we've been here since Saturday, but I haven't been on the 'puter much. So, the trip down went fairly well and Emma is still hacking but feels better. Unfortunately the doc said she had the "beginnings" of an ear infection and a raging cold. NIce. Of course, now Ethan's gotten the hacking cough cold and has been impossible to deal with when he's not sleeping. This morning he seems to be better so fingers crossed. It's no fun dealing with sick kids on vacation, but despite that we've had a lot of fun. We've hit Broadway at the Beach, the various pools and lazy rivers, and of course, as Ethan refers to it, the "motion." I also hit the outlets last night and we've had some fab food. Mmmm, scallops....

So, I think we're on the downhill side of the illnesses and we should be close to normal soon. Ethan is currently helping me type this so excuse any typos...but here are some quotes so far...

Emma (upon me telling her it was time for her bath): I probably stink...(no idea she knew the word "probably!)

Ethan: Mommy, I NEED a mokercycle. A lellow mokercycle.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Please say a little prayer

This has been a pretty craptacular week in the Markins house. I don't have time to go too far into it, but it has included a trip to the doctor and x-rays for Emma; a raging sickness for Emma as well (possibly related to a hip issue, maybe not) complete with a high temp of 102.5; chipped glasses; a little puke, and a lot of packing. Emma is feeling better so the plan is to head out between 4 and 5 am tomorrow.

So my current prayers: healthy Emma; no sickness for Ethan; and a safe trip. Have fun in Blogger land and post lots for me to read when I return!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thoughtful post...or "Why I felt I had to leave firm life"

All you working mommies should read this blog...

Don't forget to read the comments...many insightful thoughts on how working moms get screwed and the workforce loses many good accountants, lawyers, doctors, managers, business women, etc. because of attitudes like this. Sadly I know from my own experience it's very true. Either you're willing to ditch your kids whenever necessary to attend that Bar function, happy hour, etc. to make the "right" contacts or you will not be as successful as you should be.

Any question as to why I took a pay cut to take an 8-4 job? I shouldn't HAVE to choose between taking less money and doing a job that doesn't, let's say, fully maximize my potential, and doing a job that does maximize my potential, but I do...

Road trip...

Ok, blogger yet again hates me and wouldn't let me post last night. So no pictures, but a brief note telling you all that we are OFF to the beach on Saturday morning, bright and early...well, not bright since we're leaving at about 4 am. But certainly early.

So, after hours of packing and stressing, and after a hopefully peaceful though Nickelodeon DVD filled ride, we will be hitting the sand and pools. Maybe blogger will get its head out of its you know what and allow me to post when I return...
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