Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We're all safe and sound and back from the Dr. appt. We all did great, especially Boo Boo. I'll post more later including some pics. Dr. T says that she did better than the majority of his patients. I knew she was a tough cookie.

Monday, January 14, 2008

T minus 1 day...

Tomorrow is Emma's surgery, and I *think* we have everything set. Let me tell you, the disorganization of the health care community sure doesn't give me confidence in turning over my kid to them to be put to sleep and operated on. Do you think it would be too much for me to circle her right eye with a red permanent marker and draw an arrow to it stating "this one?"

Everyone keeps asking me if I've told her, and of course I have, but I'm not sure this is going to sink in until we get to the hospital, they give her the sedative and then Mommy has to go bye bye leaving her with strangers and of course Bun Bun. And I pray they're on time, because she can't eat or drink til it's all over. That's bad enough for an adult, but how do you explain to a two year old that's hungry and thirsty, sorry, kid, no can do? Plus, this kid is an eater. I guar-an-tee that there will be an immediate request for panpakes immediately following surgery.

On another note, my kids are the things that marketing teams dream of. Ethan can sing the jingles of some notable commercials and now if he sees a Subway sign he automatically yells "eat fresh!" The other day, we were in the car and the Billy Ray Cyrus song came on, and this one was the version with his daughter Miley, better known as Hannah Montana. Well, the DJ said something about Hannah and Emma yells out from the back seat, "I like Hannah Tana." I was like, already???? Yet another marketing gimmick that's worked on her. At least she's not asking for the $500 concert tickets yet. However, I do think they've realized that the Disney on Ice show is going to be here soon, and that the Diego show comes as close as Ashland, Ky, about an hour and a half from here. Is it any wonder that I'm broke?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little People town

Ok, Kim got me into the blast from the past with her post on her Smurf belt. I loved the Smurfs, and had many Smurf toys. Personally, I was partial to Smurfette and even had a Smurfette cake once for my birthday. However, another of my childhood loves was Little People. They've made a comeback, but they sure don't look like this anymore. Incidentally I had the redhead lady in the blue dress back in the day, along with many others.

Now, Little people actually have bodies (sort of) and don't look like tiny little bowling pins with faces. This evening I was graced with Little People town in the living room, so I decided it was good blog fodder.

Here is the King, and his sidekick who I think looks remarkably like Dumbledore, gay and all. He's lowering himself to speak to one of his subjects, who I think is one of the 15 different Maggies we have. A downfall of the new Little People is that there is a finite number of characters.

Here's the schoolbus, driver optional obviously. Yet another Maggie in the bus, along with some blond kid.
Here's the cute little trendy Maggie on a weekend jaunt with her boyfriend Eddie. They're pulling their cool popup camper complete with camping gear, sleeping bags, a tiny camping kitchen and a radio playing nature sounds. There is also the Third Wheel friend tagging along, I think her name is Sally. This Maggie must have more game than the other Maggies as she's found herself a real man. Eddie is a construction worker; way to get a man with a job, Maggs.
I'm guessing Eddie's coworker Max tried to make a play for Maggie and Eddie laid him out here, as he's about to get run over by the camper. Straight out of WV, I tell ya. Either that or he got fresh with Sallie there and she booted his butt out.
Emma and Ethan in Little People town. We also have a construction site, airport and gas station. Homesites start at only $150K, built personally by Eddie and Max, assuming they're still friends. Call now!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow day!!

So, thankfully I had until January 3 off, as we awoke to a few inches of snow on January 2. This was probably the first time the kids have gotten to really play in the snow, and let's just say they loved it.

Emma immediately started making a series of 37 snow angels. I really don't know how she knew what to do, but I'm assuming Dora is somehow involved.

The finished product.
Ethan spent the short amount of time we were outside (it was less than 20 degrees with a serious windchill, so it was short) rolling around and diving face first into the snow. He's rolling down a little slope on the side of the yard in this one.
Happy boy LOVING the snow.
This is what happens when mommy says we have to go in...I couldn't get a full picture of the screaming yelling crying fit because he was running away. All good things must come to an end son...a hard lesson.

I have a few more from the snow that are cute I'll post later.

Finishing up the Christmas Pics

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...

Not a Twinkie was stirring, it was quiet as a mouse.
I'm totally cheating here and skipping to some of the gifts the kids got from Nanny and Gramps; Santa was somewhat boring this year. He brought Emma a Dora Ballerina blanket, lots of Polly Pockets and Barbies, several Princesses, etc. Ethan got a Tony Stewart blanket, a Thomas track, and several race cars. Both got Vtech computers, and a really cool easel with a chalkboard, desk, magnetic letters and a dry erase board.

So here is Emma taking care of her twins, complete with their own Pack N Play, twin stroller, twin highchair (wish they really made those!), and twin swings. Technically she has 5 of those Little Mommy dolls now so I guess they're quintuplets.
Ethan's workbench.
The shared kitchen, because of course their old kitchen wasn't nearly big enough. Insert eyeroll here.

I'm moving on and not posting the rest of the Christmas pics or it will be April! I do have some great snow day pics coming up, maybe even tonight!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was for Mawmaw's house and the present opening. Here are the kids in front of the excessively packed tree. Yes, of those gifts is for the kids.

THe beginning of the madness.
Emma's most favorite gift, her Dora "banity" (vanity). It talks and makes all the appropriate hair dryer noises, etc and has makeup, brushes, a crimper and a curling iron. However, I had to laugh while I was getting ready Christmas morning, as Emma had to assess my own beauty instruments and asked if I had a crimper. Uh, no.
Here are the two GIGANTIC bags full of clothes for each of them. I didn't even bother to count most of it, but I did count 8 new skirts for Emma and 3 new dresses, and fifteen long sleeve shirts for Ethan, not counting the sweaters and button downs. Just plain longsleeved shirts. Insert a giant eyeroll here.
The aftermath...this is the back of my Ford Expedition on the way home. Completely full.

Moderation is not something that my MIL understands but the kids are definitely happy and well clothed.

Christmas part 1-A

Dec 23 was the first day of gift opening in the Law house. THe kids' great Aunt Gay and Uncle Don came down; they are Gramps' sister and BIL.

Here's what happens when people get bored after dinner. Emma stripped off her tights and shoes somewhere along the line so excuse the panty shot.
Ethan getting "upside down" too.
The kids with Aunt Gay and Gramps.
THe kids with Auntie Lala and her boyfriend Chris.
Thankfully this was not one of our insane amounts of presents days, but those would come on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. More later...

Christmas part 1- the church program

Ok, I know I'm slacking but I had a sick kid and I've just been doing other stuff too. BUt I'm trying to make up for it and there will (hopefully) be several posts tonight. Especially if I get ticked off enough to turn off the Fiesta Bowl and rip my WVU sweatshirt to shreds. We'll see.

Here are the kids at the church program. Don't they look thrilled? They had already said their part and were ready to sing and cut out of there.

Emma decided to blow that popsicle stand early but was persuaded to go back for the remaining songs.
Here are the kids singing away in a manger, complete with arm motions.
"The little Lord Jesus asleep in the hay."
Jingle bells, complete with bells. It's hard not to ring them til the chorus, huh?
BY the way, my kids are the youngest who will actually stand up there, and so of course have to be the ones to make a scene. After Emma tried to cut out early, Ethan marched his jingle bell to the alter after singing Jingle Bells (and before the farewell song of We Wish You a Merry Christmas) and announced to the church, "I'm finished." After they all stopped laughing he went back to his place and sang. Nice.

More to come...
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