Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weekend Part I

Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and apologize now for the length of this blog, and probably the next one too. What can I say, I'm a lethal combination of an English and History major, lawyer, and generally wordy person. But here goes, maybe you'll stick around til the end, or at least look at the pictures...

So, Friday, the twinkies, Twin Daddy Law Man, and MIL set off for the big city of Cincinnati. Of course, I get stuck in a stinking wreck on my way home so we start off behind, and that's after I sat in a pediatric opthalmologist's office for two hours that day only to receive not so great news. But more on that later. So we finally get on the road, and after dinner and about an hour and a half of travel, I start to feel sick. Well, you might recall that Emma was sick earlier in the week for just a little 24 hour thing, and so was Michael. Then Ethan threw up twice on Wednesday but that was it. I thought it was my attempt to crochet in the car (more on that in another blog too, but it's going well!). Well, it wasn't the crochet, I figured out as I threw up in a Chevron bathroom in Podunk, Ohio. Fun times. We make it the rest of the way, only for me to have a few more visits to the porcelain god that night, and to generally feel like poo the next day. But, when you're a mom, and on a family trip to boot, there is no recovery time, so off we went to Kings Island on Saturday.

Now, a few things you should know. I'm a planner so I had checked out all the rides that the kids could ride, complete with measuring them for height. Ethan was over 36 inches, and Emma was right at it with her tennis shoes on. Evidently KI's 36 inches is bigger than my yardstick though, so Emma was barred from some rides. Try explaining that to a two year old who just wants to ride the Blues Clues ride. But she sucked it up when we could ride the Lazytown Sportacoptors, all the Dora and Diego rides, and the carousels. Also, just because the park opens the gates doesn't mean they'll let you toward the rides. I don't know what ridiculous idea this is, but we stood in the same crowd for like 30 minutes. My advice? Don't go til AFTER the rides open.

So, after all these snafus, we actually had a good time, and Mommy did not throw up once. Here are the Twinkies on the Nick Jr. cars, Ethan's clear favorite ride choice. Unfortunately my camera malfunctioned on the BEST picture, argh.

Here are the kids and Twin Daddy Law Man in front of Dora and Boots.

Ethan on a matching Go Diego Go jeep, loving every minute because, as he said running towards it, "Mommy, LELLOW EGGO JEEP, LELLOW EGGO JEEP!"

Emma on a Diego jeep. She's very focused.
One of the few pictures with Mommy in it, on Dora's Something-in-Spanish Azul train. Yeah, 2 years of Spanish and that's what you get. Wait, you can't see me in it? Oh, yea, that's because Daddy evidently can't figure out the ZOOM. Nice. A doctorate degree and the Kodak trips him up.

So, the day was really nice but I have to say the best part was the Nick Jr. Meet the Nick Toons dance routine and the kids meeting Dora and Diego. I'm gonna save that for another blog, but first Gramps has to scan in the $30 purchased pictures because Daddy left the camera at the hotel after the naps.

Now, back to the pediatric opthalmologist. So, the pediatrician noticed, and we had noticed, that when Emma looks at something really close up, sometimes her right eye crosses in. The pedi thought it wasn't a big deal but wanted her checked anyway. So we go, Emma was excellent for teh doctor and was actually complimented on her behavior (I think it was fear) by the doctor and his nurse. She didn't even cry for the eye dilation drops, three full sets! But anyway, the bad news is her right eye is 25% weak. This means glasses and if that doesn't work possibly surgery. Now, she has NO vision issues, just the eye muscle. I think I need to find out more about this because it seems drastic for her to have to wear glasses until her preteens, as per the doc, even though she can see perfectly. Am I overreacting or do ya'll think I need a second opinion for treatment for this? I know glasses are no big deal, but I can't imagine having to deal with them for sports, dance, etc. in teh future. I'm thinking we'll do this for a while and then seek other options, unless the doc says the dreaded S-word, in which I will be seeking out every pediatric opthalmologist in the state to get opinions.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I was nearly mauled by a lion, and other tales from the weekend...

Ok, I have a ton ton ton to put on here but time has been limited this weekend. I solemnly swear to try my best to update several times this week.

So, about the lion...we took a weekend trip to Cincinnati this weekend to Kings Island and the zoo. Great fun, very tiring with two two year olds. But we had some major highlights, some of which were caught on camera, some were not due to Daddy’s negligence of leaving the camera at the hotel after naptime. But with the assistance of my father’s scanner I’ll try to put some of the $30 KI pictures on here.

Ok, so I digress a lot, but here is the lion story quickly...we go to the zoo on Sunday, and are walking through the lion exhibit. Now, I’m no PETA member, but this zoo was a bit bothersome to me in some aspects, as in the animals didn’t seem to have enough area to run in for some exhibits. But I know zoos do really great work breeding and protecting endangered animals, etc. and I can’t see behind the exhibits to see how much extra space there is. Anywho, we’re at the lion exhibit, which isn’t all that big, and has no glass or fence enclosure, but no way I assume for the lions to get out. Well, the Cincy zoo is literally in the middle of the city, and this exhibit has trees behind it, but then there’s just the road. As we’re looking at the two male allegedly white lions (I say allegedly cause they were TAN not white), a motorcycle that’s really loud goes by and one lion stands up and looks our way (the road was behind us). They’re on these piers that have several step downs, and every step down gets closer to the bridge where we are, but the bottom ones are well below us. Well, he steps down to one that is pretty much directly across from us, but probably 50 feet away. As he’s looking towards us and the other few people who were there at the time, this dorky woman and her 12 year old boy start taking flash photos repeatedly of Mr. Lion. As Dork Lady does this, Mr. Lion proceeds to get VERY angry and starts roaring. Now, at this time, I’m about to wet my pants because for those of you who have never heard a lion roar 50 feet from you with NOTHING between you, it is terrifying. But does Dork Lady stop? NOOOO, she keeps on flashing away, as Mr. Lion comes closer and closer and keeps climbing down the piers til he’s closer to us, but below us. At that point, I got the kids and got the H-e- double hockey sticks OUT of there. We could still hear that lion roaring like 3 exhibits down.

Now, there are a few things you should know before going to the zoo, in my opinion.

1. Don’t tick off the animals.
2. Don’t tick off the animals particularly who can kill you.
3. If something you are doing in fact ticks off the animals, stop.

Since I didn’t read about any maulings yesterday, I’m assuming she’s alive. But sometimes the gene pool just needs cleaned out, right?

Oh, and if you see a pigtailed two year old attempting to hitchhike back to Cincy, it's Emma. Please bring her back home, she just wants to move to KI cause I told her that is where Dora lives and she can't go live with Dora or we'd miss her.

More later, but here are some preview quotes from the weekend:

Ethan: "I love you goats!"

Mommy: "Get the bird out of my hair!"

Emma: "Monsters mommy, monsters! Monsters have scary red eyes! Bun bun scare away monsters?" (bad mommy moment #82394834 here)

Daddy: "The G&^d&** bird just bit my neck!"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tagged again...and a new hobby??

Ok, I'm gone from the computer one day and I get tagged twice for this!! So here goes...

Two Names You Go By:
1. Andrea (NOT Auuuundrea)
2. Mommy, which is an upgrade from the previous MumMum

Two Things You are Wearing Right Now:
1. gray concord softball shorts with a big white paw print on the leg
2. a 4 year old Corporate Cup t-shirt with a random stain on it- hey, it's 8:30, give me a break

Two Things You Want In A Relationship:
1. Humor
2. An attempt at understanding

Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do:
1. relax with absolutely NOTHING important to do looming
2. have a nice dinner out

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. A long vacation
2. A new wardrobe...i have things in my closet that are way beyond their expiration date! I'll ditto Kim on this, as well as Heather. I'm either too big or too small for 90% of my closet

Two Pets You Have Or Had:
1. Maddie the garage dwelling cat who has never forgiven me for bringing my kids home
2. Tootie the turtle

Two People Who Will Fill This Out First:
1. I think every one has done it, maybe Janice??
2. Lara

Two Things You Did Last Night:
1. Cleaned off my junky island in the kitchen
2. Read Bear Plays Pretend 3 times in a row

Two Chores That You Don't Like Doing:
1. none- they're called chores for a reason! Ok, I'll go with dishes
2. Mopping the floor

Two Things You Ate Today:
1. Chick fil A southwest chicken salad
2. asparagus

Two People You Talked To Last:
1. Michael
2. My kids

Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow:
1. CLE
2. Shopping for a baby gift and Michael's father's day gift

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. can I pick Christmas again? Ok, I'll go with Memorial Day- the gateway to summer!

Two Favorite Beverages:
1. Alcoholic- cape cod
2. non-alcoholic and non-diet- sweet tea

Ok, now that is through, I'm considering starting a new hobby- crochet. Well, it's not exactly new cause I did it as a kid, don't laugh! My great granny taught me, and I made some mean potholders! I don't know why I want to start doing it again, because really, what am I gonna make? But it's super cheap and gives me a hobby (cause you know I don't have enough to do in my life). Here's the problem- I'm NOT good with hobbies. I've done cross-stitch, and maybe completed 1 project ever. I get like 1/2 through and quit. I've also tried scrapbooking and I'm over a year behind doing my kids' first year, and it's about 75%, and I have probably spent at least $150 on this daggone single book. But I'm thinking a couple hooks, some internet lessons, and a few packs of yarn (don't those have names other than "packs?") and I'm only out maybe $10. We'll see.

Scarves for Christmas, anyone???

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bad mom confessions

Ok, inspired by Anne, I will put some of my bad mommy confessions on here:

-the real reason I want my kids asleep by 8:30 is so I can have time to do the housework, dishes, laundry, etc. and still watch some tv and be in bed by 10:30. It really has nothing to do with the level of sleep they should be having every night. It has more to do with MY level of sleep. And really, is 7 hours too much to ask?

-I let my kids watch way too much tv and the tv is on pretty much every waking moment, even though they're not actually watching it all that time

-I think I push my kids to do things I think they should be doing, like learning their letters and numbers, playing on playground stuff that might be too big for them, etc.

-I think I expect too much out of them at times.

-My kids eat WAYYYYY too many french fries and Pringles.

-I have not put much effort into potty training because I am lazy. That kind of goes against my pushing too hard thing, but hey, no one ever accused me of making sense all the time.

-Sometimes I just let my kids jump off the couch and onto the pillows because I'm tired of telling them no all the time.

-My patience seems to be less each day.

-I'm pretty sure my mother in law thinks I'm a really mean mommy.

-I feel super guilty about taking away Emma's paci because I know it brought her comfort. It's kind of funny because in most ways, I'm not very indulgent.

-I have actually found myself comparing them to each other, which I swore I'd never do. But sometimes "why can't you just do ____ like your brother/sister" just pops out!

Ok, I'm done for the day! Let's hear them, mommies!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh, yeah...the new 'do

Ok, so I'm doing a two in one night post, but since I never remember, you're getting a double shot. Here is my new 'do even though it's not exactly what I wanted. When I say "layers" I mean it. But it's thinned, shorter and less heat stroke inducing so I'm semi-happy.

And the self portraits. Yeah, the second one is way blurry but I don't look as much like Two Ton Tessie as my mother would say. I hate the obligatory double chin in self portraits! And I cut most of Ethan out of the second one accidentally but I'm pretending I was going for a cool angle shot. And I LOVE the way his blue eyes look there. And his little pug nose. Could he look any less like me?

More summer stuff

Hi all, I finally got a chance to put some more pictures up. If my kids would decide to go to bed before 9 I might have time to do this more, but I only get about an hour or so to get everything done in the evenings after they go to bed, and 5:30 comes early in the mornings!

Anywho, here we are at the pool this past weekend. For those of you who haven't met me, the first picture is NOT me, it's my much more well endowed Mother in law. For those of you who do know me, I'm sure you never for a second mistaked this chest for mine! I tried to crop her out but our computer is a POS and wouldn't let me. Gotta get some photo software.
This is how Emma attempted to surf into the baby pool. Thankfully she thought better of it before getting a faceful of water.
Is this the life or what?

I will try to post some pics of me with the kids soon but the only ones I have are the obligatory self portrait ones and let's just say they don't turn out too well while trying to wrangle two two year olds.

On the two year old note, we have fully entered the Terrible Twos. At least Ethan has, Emma hasn't gotten the memo yet. But Ethan is full on in meltdown, flip out if you don't get your way fits. Looks like he might be spending the next year in time out. How can they be so sweet one second and so evil the very next? And how can they get into stuff so quickly? I don't understand it. But I do know that it's very scary how they have started to act in concert with one another to do bad things, like get all the lotion bottles off Mommy's dresser and attempt to empty them, get into the drawers in the kitchen, and tonight's special, both hang on the refrigerator door til it opens. Nice. For all those who constantly tell me, oh, I wanted twins with my kids, spend a day here then say that! Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pool Party!

Here are some pics in our high class backyard pool. The pics are kinda dark, but consider the photographer. I guess I should break down and invest in some photo software, but since I'm now on the state payroll that ain't happenin any time soon. Here we are saying "cheese"
And swimming...
Ethan peeking over the edge...I am impressed with myself on this shot, if only it weren't so dark.
Emma peeking...
And Miss Movie Star with her bikini and Mommy's sunglasses, upside down of course.
Hope you enjoy...

Question for all the kids suddenly will not go to sleep til like 8:30, sometimes as late as 9:30. We were on such a great schedule til late this spring and they were in bed asleep by8. Then daylight savings hit. Yet they're still up by 6:30. Argh. I don't know how to get them to go to bed earlier. It's like a wrestling match to get them to sit and calm down and then get into the beds, which I have to put them back in 50 times. It's just like they're not tired. They'll play forever if we'd let them. It's getting tiring, and I have no clue what to do. Even after playing outside ALL DAY they are not sleepy enough to just fall asleep. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm listening!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Not much to say...

Ahhh, weekend. For those of you keeping score, last Friday was my anniversary. Five years! Twin Daddy Law Man and I actually had a twinkie-less night on Saturday and went to see Mr. Brooks (very good, BTW) and to Taste of Asia. For all of you Valley-ites out there, it is super duper yummo! I can’t believe this was my first trip, but it’s not exactly kid friendly so I guess take out it is from now on. Mmm, sushi. Just thinking about it makes me happy.
Since I haven’t done this in a while, those of you who follow my incoherent blogs might appreciate a new I wonder:
I wonder...
-if the lady who I saw waiting in the beauty salon who had a mullet was embarrassed to ask for a "mullet" as a haircut.
-if people who actually have mullets know they have mullets. Like, I asked for a bob, with some layering (which the lady did not do, argh). Do they say, hello, I’d like a mullet today??
-where the nails that I swear were in my desk went over the weekend.
-how long it will take me to remember to bring in stuff to semi decorate my work area.
-if I can keep the same drivers’ license picture for the rest of my life. It could be the greatest picture of me ever.
-if someone will yell at me for putting my kids on a leash when we go to King’s Island and the zoo
-if I’ll have to call my old boss who is a criminal defense attorney to get me out of jail in Ohio because I went postal on someone questioning my parenting choices
-if I should teach the kids to bark
-if my son will be a lawyer because he loves to argue, but only about things that are absolutes- like that his name is in fact Emma, not Ethan (but we’ve at least graduated to him calling himself Super Big E, his nickname), and that the color pink is in fact the color purple.
Lastly- special shout out to the greatest history teacher ever- hi Becky, glad you found me!!
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