Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random thoughts from a toddler mom

No pics today, but soon, I promise. Emma and I have a Princess Party this weekend where she'll meet ALL the Disney Primpesses. I hope a soon to be 3 year old is an unlikely candidate for a heart attack. She survived meeting Dora so I'm thinking she's pretty strong.

Here are my random Hump Day thoughts:

- I'm pretty sure the number of times I can answer the same question in a row decreases exponentially throughout the day.

-How do you trick a kid into learning stuff who is completely uninterested most of the time? Ethan is very into his letters and spelling stuff and counting towards 100 and all that. Emma- not so much. Dancing around, jumping and singing are more her forte. She even knows when she's being tricked into learning with a promise of M&Ms at the end.

-I think I've given Emma nightmares because we watched the beginning of Bones the other night.

-why is the cold so much worse when I get it as opposed to when THEY had it?

-How do you get chocolate pudding all over your pants when you've been sitting at a table eating it?

-Would an indoor play area business really take off like I think it would? A friend and I have totally been discussing starting one. There is NOTHING physical to do around here when the weather is bad except Chuck E. Cheese, which ain't that great for smaller ones, and the Clay Center, which always has basically the same stuff and is expensive.

With dreams of small business success, I'll leave you. Happy Hump Day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday wishes...

So, we do in fact have the infamous bicycle in our house, after some Nanny run ins with the [insert nasty name here] at Dick's Sporting Goods who wouldn't bother to help her run it 50 yards to her car to help out someone with two almost three year olds. I mean, they were super busy DOING NOTHING seeing as how it was 11:00 on a Tuesday. Let's say they lived up to their store name that day. Here is the bike:
However, now Ethan has decided that this looks super fun and amazing:
I have to agree, it's a Sesame Street Bounce House and Ball pit, and unfortunately for Mom and Dad, some kids in the 'hood have it. Other kids have some super cool toys too, including a motorized Hummer, a motorized Lightning car (which Ethan fully believes that the kid will soon trade him the car for Ethan's bike, he's already ready to make the deal), trampolines and those giant blow up slides. However, it comes at the grand cost of about $250 on sale (over $300 most places I found it) and it's not really as big as the picture implies. But it is super cool. And in turn, it would make me a super cool mom, right? Unfortunately I'm not super rich.

I've been on a 'Net search and found this Little Tykes bounce house for significantly less, it holds more weight and it's bigger. How bad is it that I'm seriously considering this?

Sigh. How do you balance giving them everything you want to give them and spoiling them? I guess it's easy when your checking account looks like mine does, as I will not be getting either bouncer unless my yard sale this possibly rainy weekend brings in some serious cash. So they might stay bouncerless. Stay tuned. And come buy my stuff!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cautious optimism

I may have found a bike at Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm cautiously optimistic until I see it in person.

Update on the Bike Situation

So....8 Walmarts later, still no bike. Technically 9 cause Neurotic Attorney looked for me too. I've officially now called 14 Walmarts and physically been in 2 others. Sigh.

My only hope now is the search in North Carolina that is ensuing and Toys R Us told me there's a shipment that may or may not have a bike in it. And I have one more Toys R Us to call when they open today. I also have an ad out on Craigslist and will check Ebay every day.

I blame myself for even showing him a bike that we did not have in hand, because now if you ask Ethan what other kind of bike he wants if we can't find a Lightning one, he screams, cries and says he wants a Lightning bike. I think I'm in trouble.

Monday, April 7, 2008


To all those in the Blogger world, I implore you for your help. My dear son has his heart set on getting a Lightning McQueen (the car from Cars the movie) bike for his birthday. We've looked at pictures of it and he talks about it all the time. Well, who knew that some jack-butt at Disney or wherever would DISCONTINUE the stinking bike and now we can't find it anywhere. I have a little over a month until their birthday, and I really don't want to disappoint Ethan, especially when Emma will be getting a Disney Princess bike, just as her heart desires. I'm up for any idea as to where to get one. I've tried Amazon, many different internet searches, Walmart, Target, etc. Please keep an eye out for one and let me know if you've seen one. For those friends who are out of state, if you can find one I'll pay top dollar for one and all your costs if you see one!

EDITTED TO ADD: Sigh. I've gotten nos at this time from Walmart in Hurricane, Ripley, Barboursville, Logan, Gallipolis OH, and Charleston, as well as Charleston Toys R Us. Barboursville Toys R Us says it's possible that they'd get one in on Thursday. I guess the saga continues. And can you believe, none on Ebay?
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