Sunday, September 30, 2007


I can't talk about Friday. I'm pretending it never happened. Once I come out of my depression, fueled by the big loss and the carb induced stupor I've put myself in, I'll post some new pics. My kids are going to be in a calendar! They'll be stars yet.

I think I need some ice cream.

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's a sickness...

First, if you don't like football, this blog will bore you.

For those of you who don't know me personally, I am a Rabid WVU fan. And Rabid is in fact capitalized when speaking of my fandom. I am working to turn my children as rabid as I am. Let me explain exactly how Rabid I am...I'm not just that chick who thinks it's cute to go to games, drink some beer and wear a cute little blue and gold shirt. No, I'm that chick who shocks guys because I can explain exactly why the ACC is a pathetic excuse for a BCS conference, why the Big East should get more football credibility, and tell you the first and last names of at least 20 WVU players, including position. I am no expert when it comes to plays, I don't know a slant pass from a bubble screen, but I know when someone misses a block and when the idiot refs miss yet another holding call. My sister's boyfriend, upon first meeting me and hearing a long discussion she and I were having about college sports, actually said to me, "You're a girl. You're not supposed to know this stuff." But we're out there, loud and proud (right Lara and Wendy??) And I dislike some teams with the fire of 10,000 suns, including Pitt and Notre Dame, even though they're pathetic this year. And I dislike another team but it's not PC anymore to not like them, so I won't even mention it. But they're still #1 on my hatred list.

So, imagine my dismay, when a few weeks ago, on the day of a game that shouldn't even be played (thanks Manchin for giving us more crap on our strength of schedule), I have my kids all dressed up in their Mountaineer best, out early shopping at Kroger so we get back in time for the ridiculously early kickoff, and some woman (NOT a lady) comes up to them and says first to me, oh, they're so cute. Then leans over them, right in their face, and says, "You kids need to learn this: GO HERD." I gave her an icy glare and told her, "They know better." Argh. Seeing as how my dear husband is a pretend MU fan, I knew he'd hold me back had I chosen to deck her, so I refrained. Those of you who have seen me at games know this was a feat.

I'd like to see that woman again as we set at 4-0 (5-0 after tonight's thumping of the Bulls), and they are 0-4, including a loss to a I-AA team. Victory is sweet.

And so, I'm loud and proud, a born and bred 3rd generation WVU fan. I believe, boys. I know we can go all the way. Make a statement tonight in Florida. I'll be on the first flight to New Orleans to the national championship if I have to prostitute myself to get there.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

In my world...

Ok, so I know it’s been forever and a day (or about 3 weeks) since I’ve posted but I’ve been seriously busy. It seems like a day doesn’t go by where the kids or I are getting invited to a party, or planning some activity. So, the posting has been scarce but I vow to do better in October. IN fact, I have pictures on deck for you if I ever get to do a proper post. Instead of a picture post, I decided to give you a list of the goings on in my world. So, without further adieu, here you go.


-banana starts with an M - "manana" and goes with any meal.

-I have to sing the WVU Alma Mater to my son before bed every night. He refers to it as the Go Go song, which was their name for WVU (since they always hear Mommy yelling "GO GO" at the TV) before they could say West Virginia.

-every time any football team in the world comes on television, Emma runs up with her hands in the air screaming "Go Mou-ta-eers!" or "Defense defense defense!" Hm, wonder where she got that from? But it does make my heart swell with pride every time.

-the words "I have to potty" are like sounding an alarm in our house, and cause said kid to be quickly dragged to the potty wherever we may be. Unfortunately, they are smarter than we are and now know this can be used to get out of church and to make bedtime 10 minutes later.

-ketchup must be on every dinner plate, even if it’s only for decoration.

-if given a choice, every meal of Emma’s would contain pancakes

-Ethan has a mean 3 point stance. I’m convinced he’s the next Owen Schmitt. But he’ll probably refuse to wear a helmet to play football.

-Barbie’s friend Nikki has been officially renamed Mikki and is Emma’s new BFF.

-Ethan’s Tony Stewart obsession is going strong still, and everything orange gets labeled "Oh, Tony likes that!" and any Home Depot sign or commercial gets met with a resounding "There’s Tony’s sign!"

-Any person, place, thing or food that doesn’t immediately please Ethan is labeled with "I don’t LIKE it, it’s YUCKY." Including Lovey Bear. Five minutes later, it’s "Where Lubby Bear? I like Lubby Bear." So far, Mommy, Mawmaw, Gramps and Nanny have been labeled yucky.

-Emma has a princess costume. Enough said. Thanks, Mawmaw for feeding her narcissism.

-Please pray for us, as I will be taking 2 children to Billy Bob’s (a Chuck E Cheese knockoff for those not from around here) for a church party this weekend. If I have hair left by Saturday evening I will deem it a success.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Part III...Can anyone say Tiger Woods, ya'll? Or maybe some Annika?

You people have no idea of my greatness when it comes to photography, because looking at these pictures, you don’t know the nightmare that this little jaunt was. Let’s just say, two is too young for putt putt. And we made it through about 4 holes, and left everyone else behind to finish. But the pictures look good and in 10 years maybe I’ll forget that I was about to leave my kids at the Cancun Lagoon Putt Putt Golf place.

Ethan's first ever tee off. Notice he has two balls. Yeah, it's the Toddler Rules of Acquisition. I want everything and I'll throw a fit til I get it.

Emma's first tee off. She has, shall we say, a unique style.
Hitting it in the hole. I guess Emma's there to help guide it in...Surprisingly no one got whacked with a club on this trip.
Here, let me put it in there for you. And you can see from the corner of this picture how well the trip was going for Ethan. I gotta get an editting program. :)
Gramps sees the potential for a moneymaker here. I think we'll call him Tiger Shark when he makes it big. Or we could stick with his current nickname, Super Big E.

Part II (fish tales)

Ok, here are our fish exploits. We started to take the kids to the aquarium but since I dealt with Cranky I and Cranky II much of the time, due to them being sick, we chose not to drop that amount of cash for someplace we might have stayed for 5 minutes because of potential fit throwing.

Here they are feeding the big old nasty koy (well, I think they're koy) at Barefoot Landing. Those fish are huge and will eat anything. And, of course they're free to keep in that huge lake since idiot parents like me continually plunge quarters into the fish food machines for the joy of watching our offspring feed the equivalent of rats in the aqua world. Maybe I should put my kids in an enclosed area, put a machine that sells animal crackers around and let people pay to feed them...hmmm. College fund?

This isn't a good picture (we've previously established my lack of photography skill) but you can sort of see the koy.
More feeding. 76 quarters and a fit later, we moved on.
Here is the Redneck and Free version of the aquarium. Yes folks, I took my kids to the Bass Pro Shop to look at their live fish rather than paying $29 each to go to the aquarium. What can I say, I'm a state employee now. BUt they loved the fish. I love these pics.
This fish did circles and kept coming back like this to Emma. I think it liked her shirt or hairbow or something.

Pictures galore...

Double post here, because I’m trying to get most of these pictures up so I can move on to Tales from the Potty Chair. Enjoy!

Us at the amusement section of Broadway at the Beach.

Us on the Nascar ride, same section. Let me tell you, this ride had a major whip in it but the kids weren't scared at all.
As you can see, though, Auntie Lala was feeling the whip, but Emma LOVED it.
Mommy and twinkies at Barefoot Landing on the merry go round. Yes, my hair is a hot mess but it was super duper windy that day.

Friday, September 7, 2007

My funny Twinkies...

Ok, today's blog is just going to be some of the hilarious things my kids have done in the last couple weeks. I'll put the rest of the beach pics up this weekend, along with some potty pics.

First off, Ethan got hurt last Friday night. Let's just say a spinning computer chair of Gramps', a bad choice of when to exit said chair, and a dustbuster were involved. Well, he split his chin and we thought it looked pretty deep. We being my mother, Michael and I. Gramps was too traumatized I think to even notice except to get a bandaid. So off to the CAMC Cross Lanes Urgent Care. The doctor practically laughed at us when he saw it, but I SWEAR it looked way worse at Gramps and Nanny's. So he glued it together after cleaning it. Well, Emma soon realized that Ethan was getting too much attention and she wanted to sit on the little bed thing. We told her that's only for hurt people, so she promptly gets down on her hands and knees and hits her chin on the floor, looks at us and says, "Mommy I hurt my chin. I want to sit up there now. I hurt." Creative, no?

A potty story- those of you with boys know the "tuck the pee pee" issue. Well, Daddy took Ethan to the potty and usually E is good about tucking, but forgot this time, and Daddy didn't check and walked away. All the sudden, Ethan starts yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, I pee pee on my Diego panties!" Yes, he thinks he wears panties. I'm raising a cross dresser. A Nascar obsessed, monster truck loving, rough housing cross dresser.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Halloween debate for my two punkins

Ok, no pics again, sorry, I was dealing with cell phone issues all evening. I promise, soon.

So, it's getting to be that time of year, wherein I have to decide how completely adorable I will make my children. Last year they actually tied for first in a costume contest, Emma got one vote as Dorothy, Ethan got a vote as scarecrow, and the third judge couldn't decide between them! It was funny that the judges didn't know they were twins til I took them both up to get their prizes.

Anywho, I've asked them repeatedly what or who they want to be, and I've gotten every answer from Dora and Diego (and a brief time when Ethan wanted to be Diego's sister Alicia!) to Elmo (Emma) and Oscar (Ethan) to Zoey (Emma) and Elmo (Ethan). I'm thinking I have this year only to pull the wool over their eyes and dress them as I see fit, as opposed to what they want. I know, I'm a mean mommy.

So, here are my thoughts, and I'd like any outside suggestions:

1. Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Doctor Seuss.

2. Twinkies (but the logistics of this one include major costume creation by Mommy, not sure if that will happen)

3. Dora and Diego

4. some form of the Sesame Street characters

5. or allow them to do something of their own interest, and not be "twinlike"- Emma is a HUGE ballerina anything fan right now, and Ethan loves trains, so we could go that way.

So what say you blog readers?

Editted to add: Last year they were obviously Dorothy and the Scarecrow; the year before they were Superman and Wonder Woman.
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