Monday, February 19, 2007

First Blog

So, here it is, my first non-MySpace blog. I was inspired by my friend Kim’s awesome blog but I won’t have as many pics on this one as she does. I’m just not a talented photographer and too poor (and too cheap) to spend the money on a fabulous camera.

For those of you who don’t know me (although I doubt I have many strange lurkers out there) I have boy/girl twins who are fabulous, intelligent and damn near perfect. Just ask me and I’ll tell you all about them. Ok, you didn’t ask but here goes anyway.

About Emma: Emma bo Bemma, aka Boo Boo or Doodle, is my daughter. She is very loving and the ultimate girly girl. She loves Mommy above all others in the world (and I love that!). She loves makeup, jewelry and hair accessories. She is constantly asking to put on my jewelry and makeup, and loves “ha-bands” and “bows.” She loves feeding her babies and pushing them in their stroller, and she can even spell her own name (although I’m not sure she knows what she’s spelling, she recognizes all the letters and can say them). She loves to eat, and her favorite food of the moment is toast. Her favorite color is probably light purple, and she loves to color (‘tolor’) more than about anything. She also loves Dora with a passion, and loves JoJo and any of the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, as well as Curious George.

About Ethan: Big E, Super E or Brother Bear is my son. He is very independent and only wants to nuggle on HIS terms. He loves all things having to do with a ball and gets super excited when he sees basketball or football on TV. He loves to wrestle and his new trick is to climb up on his toybox and jump into a pile of stuffed animals. He likes to be read to, on his terms. He loves cars, particularly “lellow” ones, his favorite color. His favorite sentence is “What is it?” and he can figure out how to open any container in the world in about 3 seconds. His favorite food is “freh fries” and he loves his Gramps (Baps) best in the world. He puts up with Mommy because she gives him endless cups of milk. He loves Dora and Diego (“O”), Curious George and all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters and those damn Wiggles. He likes stickers and sticks them everywhere. His favorite article of clothing is a pair of stinky workboots he wears 24-7. He has also taken to roaring and if you ask him what Ethan says, he says “roar!”
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