Monday, September 22, 2008


1. Is anyone else confused by Blogger's new way of putting in pictures? All I see is code now. I'm not even sure where I'm putting the text anymore.

2. I am so hearting the new season of House. How sad is it that new TV shows are the highlight of my evenings?

3. I really have to do a Christmas budget list. I remember fondly the times when I finished all my Christmas shopping in like 2 trips.

4. I get why kids are so spoiled. It's so hard not to just buy all the cool stuff that you think they'll love and give it to them for Christmas.

5. Twin Daddy Law Man is out with a client and the boss and I don't trust the kids enough to stay in bed to go downstairs and work out on the elliptical. Good thing, since I hear a kid making another bathroom trip as I type this.

6. How many excuses can kids come up with for not going to sleep? Nightly, I hear how each is keeping the other up, how they're cold or hot, how they need a book, how the cars and trucks outside are keeping them up, and how they have to go to the bathroom.

7. Emma was talking to Neurotic Attorney in Target the other day about trying on a Tony the Tiger head and how it nearly knocked her over, and ended the story with "It was INCREDIBLE!" Cracked us all right up.

8. Allegedly there have been no Pee Pee fountains as of late but I'm not betting on it. Let's just say don't drink the water.

9. I am and always will be a Mountaineer fan. But this is one heck of a depressing year so far.

10. I just love the movie Lean on Me, and I just saw it's on! Gotta go! "Dear Eastside..."

Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I cannot believe I actually hear...

So, kids are in the tub the other night, and since they're way past maximum wrinkle capacity, Michael goes to get Ethan out, only to find that he's standing up peeing. Nice. He calmly explains that he and Emma were making "pee pee water fountains." Great. How do you discipline a kid when you're laughing so hard that you're crying? Cause I so was.

Another instance of 3 year old's an hour past bedtime and things are still rough and rowdy in Twinkie room. Michael takes his turn to yell at them to go to sleep, and Emma explains (as she and Ethan are wearing pillow cases on their legs) that they're mermaids. I guess mermaids don't sleep.

The bedtime travesties continue in Twinkie land, as sleep seems to be optional to them, and cannot occur without a flashlight, Bunbun, Lovie Bear, Butterscotch the saved from the yardsale bear, the proper blankets, and books. So one night Emma, who believes sleep is wholly unnecessary, actually fell asleep first. This irritated Ethan to no end, so in a bit we hear Emma crying. Ethan's explanation? "Emma was asleep so I poked her in the eye til she woke up."

Sometimes I think life with three year olds is like a Road Runner cartoon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A bit from the beach

I'm working on publishing some beach pics but I'm learning how to use Picasa to edit some, so bear with me. Here's one where we were trying for the typical "laying in the edge of the surf" pic and were surprised by a bigger wave. More to come...

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Hola, I'm back to the grindstone...I'll be uploading vacation pics soon, basically as soon as I relocate the camera. I swear I've mostly unpacked but I've misplaced the camera as of now.

1. My thoughts of coming home to a clean house were ruined approximately 6 seconds after we walked back in the door.

2. We really should have listened to the locals who said that Hurricane Hanna would be no biggie and stayed rather than driving home and getting there at 1:30 am.

3. I am disappointed in the Eers of course but feel we'll come out of the season no worse than 9-3. I'm predicting 10-2 and Big East champs again, but I'm hoping for 11-1.

4. All I can say is at least we're not the ACC. Pathetic as usual, haven't won a BCS bowl in I believe it's 9 years now. No wonder the Jokies won't play us anymore.

5. My patience today is thin at best. People should just not test me.

6. I'm really hungry and really not wanting my Lean Cuisine but I shouldn't spend the money to go to eat today, although I'm so wanting to right now.

7. I'm so lazy that I don't want the lunch I brought but sheer slothiness is keeping me in my chair. I don't know if slothiness is a word but I totally think it is and I was an English major so there.

8. I turn 30 in 3 days. I'm depressed. I think I'm so far from where I thought I'd be in some ways, but in other ways my life is better. Weird.

9. I still don't really feel like an adult most of the time, even though I have an education, debt, a mortgage, an SUV and 2 kids. I think I feel about 21.

10. I know 3 people who had babies in the week I was on vacation. It must be a boom!
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