Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's my first 10 in a while...

1. Thank God for my MP3 player. I know you really shouldn't thank God for electronics, but seriously, it has kept me from killing people. It's a Sony Walkman MP3 and it's FAB for those of you not on the Apple wagon. I didn't want to deal with Itunes due to the price (and I could get this MP3 with better sound and the same Gs for way less than a comparable Ipod).

2. Speaking of price, the BEST place to get non-Itune music is iomoio.com. It's fab, 10 cents per song! And, if you deposit certain amounts, they GIVE you certain amounts FREE. I've been using it for like 2 years, and never had a problem, and I have never put more than my original $25 in. I've downloaded like 300 songs probably (I don't put zillions of songs on my MP3- I think there are about 400 or so).

3. Speaking of music, I'm embarassed to admit that I like the Miley Cyrus song The Climb.

4. Less than 2 months til vacation! So the serious diet starts TODAY. I'm even turning down Mexican at lunch. Whew, it's going to be a long 2 months.

5. I have about 5 zillion pictures I want to post but I'm too lazy in the evenings. I will start getting to it, I'm vowing. Since I won't be eating all evening I should have more time. :)

6. I am addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook. It's nearly a sickness. Join my mafia if you haven't already!

7. Yesterday was mine and Twin Daddy's 7 year anniversary. We nearly forgot. Aren't we romantic? But we did go out to eat to a new little Italian place that was fabulous. I had truffle pie for dessert and it was to DIE for.

8. I do not think I could live without Diet Mountain Dew.

9. I am very random today, I feel like the kids in school, when summer is upon you and you just can't focus. Unfortunately I don't get a 3 month summer vacation.

10. Our offices are moving back to their original spot on Monday. I am not looking forward to it (the moving part), and I hear there is some disappointment with the new digs. I guess we'll see, but seriously, it couldn't have been worse than the 1983 mismatched decor we had going on before.

Monday, May 25, 2009



Birthday pictures

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ode to my babies...er, big kids

4 years and a little over 12 hours ago, you both made your debut, less than a minute apart. You were 5 weeks early and fighting to arrive. But you were big and strong and perfect, even the neonatologist and nurses were surprised.

To my Emma:

We still laugh about how just hours after your birth, you were already a princess, running your tiny hands through your dark brown hair. I personally think you were willing it to grow long, because you have a love of long hair. I guess it's more princess like, right? You were loud and PISSED when you came out, probably from being squished by your bigger brother for so long. You looked like you wanted to leap off the table and go do your own thing. I still see that from you- no one can ever make you do something, and your sweet, giving, loving nature belies that fiery passion and stubbornness born inside you. The last thing anyone on the planet would want to do is mistake your passive nature for you being a pushover, because a pushover you certainly are not. Your creativity constantly amazes me. You can play for hours with your Barbies or your Pollys or your dress up clothes, making up your own stories as you go. You love to do crafts, paint, and draw, and singing, oh the singing. You have no fear when it comes to singing, and can get up in front of a church of 100 people or in a pageant with 200-300 strangers and it doesn't bother you. Stage fright is something you've never heard of or felt. You love Taylor Swift songs, church songs and Ariel. Speaking of Ariel, you want to be a mermaid when you grow up. You are a giggle box and a dawdler and a pure little girl. You love dresses and makeup and nail polish and hairbows and pink and purple. You may have the most pure soul I've ever known and I pray I can protect that. I hope you're always the loving, giving, sharing little girl you are now.

To my Ethan:
You came into the world chilled out, just the opposite of your sister. However, you let us know quickly that chilling out was not the norm. You are competitive, and passionate in everything, from getting to the top of the steps to being listened to in the car. You have a mischievous twinkle in your eye and can crack me up with your silly jokes. You have a redneck streak a mile wide, and love Monster Trucks and Nascar. You don't just love them, you endeavor to learn EVERYTHING about them, from all of the drivers to who the sponsors are, or as you say "where they live." You can drive your cars and trains for hours on end, but don't ask you to share! You absolutely love to learn, and I know you'll do well in school. You want to know how everything is spelled, and love to do math so much that you have actually threatened me with, "Fine, I'm gonna go do my math book!" when you're mad at me. You're a pure boy, rough and tough, but at the end of the day you're always good for a nuggle and you get infuriated and upset if you don't get to wave at me as I leave for work or give me a kiss before bed. You do things your own way, including choosing when to be born. You swear you're going to be a racecar driver, or a fire fighter, or a monster truck driver...or whatever comes to your mind that day. I'm sure whatever you decide you'll be great.

To both of you:

You make me laugh, you amaze me, you allow me to have big dreams for both of you. I hope I can nurture your strengths and your bonds. I love that you make up your own games and that you love each other so much. Thank you God for giving me these babies and please guide me in their future.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How does this happen???

How does this:

Turn into this???

Happy 4th birthday to my babies Friday.

Birthday slideshow coming soon....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh oh oh I'm magic....

Sunday morning conversation:

Emma: Mommy, how can you see us all the time?

Mommy: Because I’m magic. I can see you when my eyes are closed or when my head is turned so I always know what you’re doing.

Afternoon conversation:

Emma: Can you see Nanny and Grampsy right now?

Mommy: No.

Emma: Why not?

Mommy: Because mommies can only see their babies with their magic. I can see you all the time.

Emma: *pondering* Mommy, can you fly?

Friday, April 24, 2009

In the news...

Emma made the Herald Dispatch online...

She's a few photos in- the two Snow Whites...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A few random Easter pics...

Waiting to hunt eggs at home...

family pic...

Excited that she found the egg hiding in the flower pot (love this pic of her!)

Egg Hunter Egg-straordinaire

After the church egg hunt

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tonight's 10

For your reading pleasure...10 things I've done (or am doing) this evening:

1. Putting the kids' pictures on the computer (hopefully some will be up soon!)

2. cleaning puked on Cars pajamas from my son sticking 4 fingers in his mouth, gagging himself and puking up his evening popcorn snack

3. Digging a shirt out of the toilet that I dropped as I was trying to carry the laundry out of the bathroom

4. Ironing a mound of Michael's khakis the size of one of my kids

5. Threatening Emma's life if she tries to balance on the window ledge again

6. Playing my newest addiction Mafia Wars

7. Wishing I could go to the Fat Farm on Biggest Loser

8. Wondering if homeless people break into my house and drink my milk and eat my bread, because it's not possible to go through it this quickly

9. In the middle of already making dinner (unstuffed peppers) realizing that the peppers I have are in fact half rotted (thank goodness my MIL was here and I could run out without packing everyone up to get more)

10. Hoping tomorrow is better!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I still heart the new camera

So, Kim the awesome photographer took some pics of the kids this evening, but while I'm anxiously awaiting those, I took a few in the back yard. I'm impressed with myself and loving the new camera. These are their Easter outfits, and Ethan promptly rolled down the hill immediately after this and grass stained his pale off white linen pants. Nice.

I have to say, I edited them in Picasa and I think I should have left the middle one alone. It just looks a bit weird now...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New camera

So my old camera died at of course an inopportune moment, so I have been on the search for a new one. Being camera clueless and cheap, I researched all over, and called some people with a clue (Kim of course!). I finally decided on a Canon Powershot, an SX110 IS. I spent a bit more than I wanted to, but I think I'm going to like it. It has a nice zoom on it, and if I learn how to use it, I can actually manually adjust it rather than just use it as a point and shoot. Kim is sending me a cheater email on how to learn the basics.

But, until then, here are a couple. I like it so far, I think the shots are pretty crisp. (Kim, avert your eyes, I used the dreaded flash and the portrait setting...I promise I'm going to try to learn ISO and f stop and all that...soon...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm doing a new kind of 10 today, because, well, I can, and I've been a bad blogger lately...


1. My stinking camera crapped out on me. Argh. So I need a new decent and cheap camera. Suggestions?

2. I love that the weather is warmer but seriously, 30 degree mornings are killing me.

3. I don't think I'm going to find the person who hit my car last week and then drove off without leaving a note. The people who are supposed to be checking parking lot video haven't been returning my calls anymore. That does not bode well. What are the chances they got a video of the car's plate anyway?

4. I am secure in the knowledge that their car HAD to be damaged more than mine, since I drive a giant tank and it has a big ole dent. I hope their bumper falls off.


5. God has cursed me with a child who dawdles more than my mother, which I thought was impossible. I am not a patient person and am always in a hurry. I think she was sent to slow me down, because that child does NOTHING fast.

6. Emma's favorite "annoy your brother" pasttimes are bear hugs and hand holding. Now that's passive agressive if I've ever seen it.

7. Emma won a trophy this weekend and she now thinks the "gold angel" on top is the greatest thing ever. I had to pry it from her hands for church this week.


8. Ethan is obsessed with the new Hot Wheels color change cars. They change in hot or cold water, and he has a nightly ritual of a bucket of ice water on the side of the bath to change them.

9. Both kids are obsessed with the ridiculous Fox show HOle in the Wall (sundays at 7 generally). They always pretend to play it and "win" $5000. I have no idea why 5000 but that's what they win. Ethan says if he really won that much he'd buy ALL of the color change cars.

10. Ethan was particularly impressed by Emma's naming of some of the Thomas trains the other day. His response to her? "Emma, you're so pretty. You're so special..." It was a miracle.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greatest country song evah!

Ok, this isn't actually a video, it's just some pictures but this could be the greatest song chorus EVAH...

God is great, beer is good...AND PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

10...a day late

1. I have been dealing with getting the kids into Pre-k for a couple of weeks and it looks like there is no end in sight. However, I think I know our game plan...there is a supposedly excellent Pre-K that is private but is part of the Putnam County School System. Fingers crossed that we can get in! I can't believe what a process this is turning out to be.

2. I cannot believe that my kids will be in kindergarten in a year and a half. That does not seem possible.

3. I've never been affected by my kids getting older but since the big 0-4 is around the corner (May) I feel like they're getting so OLD now.

4. Alot is not a word. Just for the record. Big pet peeve of mine. That, and misuse of apostrophes.

5. I am yet again embarrassed to be from WV since an idiot state legislator wants to ban Barbies in the state. Like that's the biggest problem WV faces. Puh-lease.

6. I hate American Idol. It keeps displacing my two favorite shows, Bones and House.

7. It totally annoys me when people won't respond to repeated emails, yet you see their MySpace or Facebook and they've clearly been goofing around on there for hours on end.

8. My kids find underwear on their head to be endlessly amusing. I do not. Especially during dinner.

9. I agree with Neurotic Attorney about the bathroom.

10. The infamous Lovey Bear was almost lost forever this week. It was a crisis in the making but the good folks at Teays Pediatrics came through for us. Love them!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creativity...mine and the kids...

Quick post...The Office is on, can't miss the hilarity.

My kids love anything bath related. This is probably why the bathtub in the hall bath looks like a dump for Toys R Us. This is the result of them being left in the bathtub alone. Bath foam...fun for all but the mommy cleaning it off the walls...

And here is my handiwork for a work baby shower. My work friend is doing her baby's room in an adorable Baby Sesame theme, so I made these. The kids were super excited, as were the adults. Unfortunately they may never be made again, as there was a slight altercation between my decorating tip I used and the garbage disposal. The disposal won.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Lala!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Post

Random Super Bowl Sunday thoughts:

-I am bummed I missed a party at my old boss's house because I didn't check my email til now. It was a last minute thing but it would've been fun I'm sure.

-It's probably a good thing, since my husband is a Browns fan, and would NOT be cheering for the Steelers like everyone else in WV

-Are the Steelers going to become like the Patriots, where people don't even know who plays for the team but they rock all the gear like they're a true fan? I hate bandwagon fans. It seemed from my trip to Kroger's today that there are an amazing amount of Steelers fans around all the sudden.

-Big Ben just got sacked and it makes me giggle a bit. I'm not a Cards fan or anything but I decided I want them to win because they have a former WVU player on the scout squad.

-Yes, I do make most of my decisions based on WVU.

-Speaking of, I want to like Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinal's receiver, because he seems like a talented, smart, humble guy...but he went to Pitt. I cannot forgive such a lapse in judgment, no matter how great of a guy he is.

-I think I might have a crush on Bob Huggins. I think it's the constant sneer. Or that he oozes power, or that he's going to take us to the Big Dance again. Not sure.

-Is it weird I'm so into sports? I don't think so, but my sister's boyfriend gets a bit freaked about it. I quote him (from one year during March Madness): "You two are GIRLS. You're not supposed to know that much about sports."

-I got a new laptop since we'd spent $150 in cords for the old one. It was getting cheaper to just get a new one but I have no pics on this one, except this one I just downloaded from my Walmart.com account.

-This is how Emma got out of bed one day last month. She has a tendency to do weird things at night, like go over and sit by the nightlight to "read," put on bandaids, change her pillowcase, and change clothes. She went to bed in normal PJs, and got up with WVU windpants, a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt on backwards (that's the hood of it by her chin), and a tutu on. Don't ask, I have no idea.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Better late than never...

I know ya'll have been on the edge of your seats in anticipation of a new post. I'm sorry, I've been really REALLY slacking but life has been kicking my butt lately. I don't have a good excuse really, but I have been sick off and on and it seems the kids have had endless appointments, dentist, eyes, one sickness. So, a quick update and some random pictures.

First, Emma's eye surgery went pretty well, although it was way harder on her as compared to the last time. She had a TON more swelling, you can see some in the Christmas pic below. Right now we are not wearing glasses, but her left eye may have been slightly "over corrected." Hey, I love her doc but if she has to have another surgery I'm invoking buy 2, get one free.

I spent a nice long time at home over Christmas due to my rockin state employment schedule. I didn't go crazy even once! It was nice. The kids behaved pretty well and kept me entertained. Slightly funny story: I was trying to wet down Ethan's hair, which he HATES, and he was trying to watch some TV show. I kept telling him to look at me, not the TV, when he said, "But I have two eyes!!" I guess one was looking at me and one at Wow Wow Wubzy. I swear, the stuff they think of.

On to the pics, this is Emma in just a cute outfit her Mawmaw got her. The dress under the coat is also pink and gray plaid. Love it!

Ethan looking even more like a 3 year old lawyer...

Another of the cute outfit. Look how straight her eyes are!

Us at the bowl game (go Eers!). They were so well behaved at the game. Emma kept yelling out "Go Mountaineers! Go Pat White!" My heart swelled with pride. And it entertained everyone around us. At the end of the game, as everyone was leaving down the ramps (we were in the nosebleeds, thanks WVU Ticket office) she stuck a pompom in her pants and was shaking her bootie. People were endlessly amused by that and several took her picture because she was so cute. So if you see my kid on a kiddie porn site please let me know.

Christmas day at Nanny's. Emma's poor knee socks just don't stay up. They look a lot cuter when they're at her knees rather than bagged at her ankles. I force them on her just like my mother forced me into knee socks, which I hated. Maybe she slouches them down on purpose to spite me.

I promise to try to keep up better in the future!
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