Monday, May 26, 2008


I have some random pics to post so I thought I'd do a couple of top 10 lists. I have to get the few birthday pictures that I actually took while attempting to not get blown away off my camera...soon, soon. Go look at Kim's blog for now...

  1. Ethan blowing a raspberry on Nanny's arm right in the middle of prayer during church
  2. Emma constantly tearing her pony tails down in order to put on one of her many tiaras. Evidently princesses or mermaid queens don't wear ponytails
  3. The fact that every single day I put at least 50 books back on the shelves because the kids feel the need to "read" every evening in their beds.
  4. The fact that our water bill has gone up considerably since the kids have figured out that with their step stool they can wash their own hands and brush their own teeth- 86 times a day
  5. We have 36 scratched DVDs because some people feel the need to play with them, yet we watch Cars and Polly Pocket Pollyworld so often that I have them both memorized.
  6. There are only so many times you can hear "Ethan pinch-ed me" followed by "Emma hitt-ed me" before your brain starts to hurt.
  7. "But I don't WANT to eat [insert any food in the house] for breakfast/lunch/dinner"
  8. How hard is it to understand "Don't dump all the shampoo/conditioner/body wash into the bathtub while your bathing to create bubbles?" Evidently pretty hard, because I'm about to buy stock in the L'oreal Kids corporation.
  9. If I step on another matchbox car, have to dress another Barbie or Polly Pocket, or stub my toe on another play grocery cart/stroller/highchair, I might lose it.
  10. HOw is it we can eat in a restaurant and they can stay seated and eat like human beings yet when we are at home it's like corralling greased pigs to get them to sit and the kitchen floor resembles a trough?
  1. They're too smart for their own good and they'd find their way back anyway
  2. because they're so sweet when they're asleep
  3. because a kiss or hug for no reason at all is so sweet
  4. because I love hearing what their imaginations come up with
  5. because there's no one I'd rather nuggle with
  6. because every morning they wake up happy and run down the hall
  7. because their thirst for knowledge is amazing and heartwarming and makes me hopeful for the future
  8. because they're like short little people with their own opinions and ideas and that amazes me
  9. because they love to sing little songs and it's so cute
  10. because they're mine
Here's one of Ethan Racecar Driver. Hate to tell him that his favorite driver Tony isn't having the greatest year...

Both at the character breakfast with Elmo
Ethan and Spiderman. Ethan's the one on the left, in case you were wondering
Emma with the really pretty Cinderella
Emma as a laughing pirate, with a bandaid on her head...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Checking out the Nascar

Auntie Lala just happens to work for a company that does different Nascar marketing, including for Kelloggs. For those of you not into Nascar, the Kelloggs car is driven by Casey Mears, whom Ethan believes is named Casey Mirrors. However, his knowledge of Nascar drivers is scary - he can see a driver on TV and know exactly who he is, including the random ones. He even knows the history of the Kelloggs car, and that Kyle Busch drove it last year. So of course we had to trek to Corridor G to see the Kelloggs car when Auntie Lala told us it was going to be on display.

He's pretty excited here, but not excited enough to put down the Nemo baseball.

Emma is always ready to cheese, although she didn't care much about the car. Don't you dig the pink cowboy boots? Ethan is ready to get in, he's tired of standing outside the car by this point.
One more pose...
Ethan can see the joy here.
More from Ms. Cheese.
Ethan also got to see the actual, will be raced at Martinsville Speedway Tony Stewart Subway car. Or as he calls it, the Eat Fresh car. However, we were not prepared because we had no idea it was going to be at Walmart so all we have is disposable camera pictures.

More later...

Am I out of trouble now??

I know that most of you out there in Blog World have probably stopped even checking my page...I'm really sorry! I'm going to try to catch up. I have a lot of blogworthy pics in the hopper, two different princess parties, a trip to see a Nascar car, birthday stuff...I'm going to catch up soon, I promise!

To whet your appetite (how's that for an English major word??) here is princess party #1. They estimate that about 1500 people were there, and I'm sure there were at LEAST that many. Here's Emma waiting patiently in the huge line...

Here's Emma and her friend from church, Bailey.
Emma and Jasmine...isn't this girl just the cutest thing? I remember having abs like that.
Emma and Belle. Some of these teen girls were just gorgeous.
More posts soon, I promise. I actually have a 4 day weekend coming up due to our annual kid checkup and Memorial Day so I'm going to try to update a bunch then!
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