Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's turkey turkey time, you Butterball you blow my mind, it's TURKEY.

Ok, you totally won't get the title unless you've heard that song, but the song is hilarious. Here's the link. Scroll to the Turkey Time song and click on it...

Since I haven't done an I wonder in a while, here ya go...

I wonder...

-why they are STILL cutting the grass like twice a week at the Capitol. Hello, it's not growing any more. Is it just job security?

-why I end up doing ALL of the real work for Thanksgiving while others volunteer to bring a pie. Argh. I will exact my revenge next year.

-how my mother has no idea to cook a turkey and she's 54 years old. I think she's totally faking.

-how Emma has some weird 6th sense about me throwing something of hers in the garbage.

-how I am going to deal with work, doctors appointments, house stuff and Christmas decorating and shopping next week while Michael is away at trial for a week and a half.

-how in the world I have three, yes, THREE Christmas parties (with multiple gifts) that I have to attend the first week of December (Monday, Tuesday and Friday).

-how Emma knows the actual names of the toys she sees in the Walmart catalog. Can she read and she's just holding out on me?

-how Ethan can get his clothes off so fast sometimes when he wants to run around being "Nakey Baby."

-how boys automatically learn to play with their peepee.

-if the football gods will grant my wish for a National Championship

-if Pat White will marry me

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may all of the calories be blocked from your thighs!


Neurotic Att'y said...

I can answer that last one: NO because he's marrying ME! You're already married! Don't be a husband hog!

Oh, and I suspect that your mom IS faking it. Time for you to "accidentally" burn the turkey and ruin the potatoes and pass the meal preparation on to someone else.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm first in line for Pat White, so you are going to have to take Schmitt!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Janice said...

Haha! Thanks for the calorie blocking wishes. Hope you guys are enjoying your Thanksgiving!

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